Thursday, March 7, 2013

Presentation Matters

I don't care how long your nose is or how sallow your skin or limp your hair (or no hair, as the case may be.) What matters is that you're as clean and neat as possible.
The same goes for boxes.
When I went to LTUE and put out my flyers for WRITE HERE IN EPHRAIM (two days away! We'll be playing and writing on SATURDAY, MARCH 9, in EPHRAIM, UTAH!...the geographical belly button of the state) I made a display out of paper I scrounged, a red marker that I use as lipstick, and a tissue paper box. See the result below: 

Following lukewarm response, I went to my sister, Loraine's, house where she made me a more professional looking display (on back corner in photo below.)
Which one would you want to be associated with? The clean? Or the clean AND neat?

The funny thing is that as soon as my son Monkey put out the new sign, four people flocked to the table and took flyers.
SO COME PLAY on SATURDAY! Check out the WRITE HERE IN EPHRAIM conference link at:
You'll be glad you did.
(I'll be the six foot tall neat, clean person running around helping everyone.)

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