Monday, April 6, 2020

Two Left Shoes

When I was at the thrift store, I spied a pair of my favorite footwear.
(Did I say I love flip flops?)
So of course I tried them on.
Now, I can't understand how this happened, but after walking around in them for five minutes, I decided they were worth $2.00, and I bought them.
Are you laughing?
Can you see what I didn't?
Look at those little letters on the flip flop heels.
One reads "M," and the other reads, what? Can it be? Why, yes, it is! An "L!"
Well I'll be. They aren't the same size.
But that's not all, folks!
Look at the orientation of the toe part.
Both flip flops are angled to the right, meaning...why, yes, it's true! I bought myself a pair of two left flip flops of different sizes.
What was I thinking that day?
I honestly couldn't tell you, because I obviously wasn't thinking.
After this admission, I dare ask you if you've ever had a shopping faux pas. (That means a slip, a mistake or a (heh heh) false step.)

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