Monday, March 30, 2020

When Glue Gets Unstuck

I needed some super glue, so I got it from my craft basket, twisted off the lid, and squeezed it. But it WOULDN'T COME OUT.
So I squeezed harder.
Didn't work.
I squeezed EVEN HARDER.
Still stuck.
It was a lost cause. The tip was glued shut. I had to throw it away, but because I didn't have a replacement, I gave it one final squeeze of frustration.
Who knew that super glue should be treated as a loaded gun? It should only be aimed at an intended target.
(That would certainly not be my laptop.)
Happily, I got the glue cleaned off right after snapping this all-important learn-from-my-mistakes photo for your viewing pleasure.
Have you had any super glue mishaps?
What happened?

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