Monday, March 16, 2020

Mallory Salad

On a delightful trip to the park with a couple of my granddaughters, we stopped at an old abandoned ticket booth and pretended it was our house. We decided where each of us would sleep, lamented the lack of a bathroom, and talked about the problem of no reliable kitchen utensils.
Well, if we're going to live there, we need to eat, don't we?
Mallory had a solution. "What do you want to eat, Grammy?"
After a moment's thought, I said, "Salad!" So Mallory cheerfully provided a leafy salad full of the colors recommended for optimal health. 
It was quite attractive, and looked delicious even without dressing. To test her culinary skills, and because I like them, I added, "With nuts."
A quick dip behind the counter, then a reappearance and a single fling of a handful of hard little pebbles added the requested ingredient to my imaginary salad.
Very clever of her, if I do say so as her ever-lovin' Grammy.
Did you like to pretend when you were a child?
Do you still like to?

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