Monday, April 20, 2020


When we bought our charming little house in the woods, the plywood skirting had taken enough beating from the sun and snow that it was bent, cracking, and not really worth a picture. (Don't want to give you nightmares.)
So Mr. Fix-it, a.k.a. Bob Bahlmann, replaced it with foam insulation board.
But that's not all! 
Even though it was prettier than the scruffy particle board, it was very plain.
So Bob put some thin coat over it, then traced a brick pattern in the thin coat before letting it dry.
But he wasn't done yet! Using different colors of paint, he went around and around the house again and again, painting the bricks different colors.
Oo-la-la! What a difference some paint makes! Now they're all different colors, but they're still not done. What else can there possibly be?
One of the neighbors who didn't watch the process complimented us on our new rock facing.
Yeah. It's amazingly awesome...
...except for the creepy photographer shadow.
Do you like do-it-yourself projects?
What have you tried?

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