Monday, April 27, 2020

Sneaky Hiding Place

We have two cats. 
Well, actually, we don't have any cats, our two youngest sons each have a cat that's not allowed to live with them, so the kitties live with us.
They like to be inside, but at night they are too bothersome. They jump on sleeping people's heads, and pat sleeping people's faces, and meow so loud they make nightmares. So it's their own faults they're now nighttime outside cats. 
The problem is, they found hiding places. For a couple of weeks, we could never find Moni when it was time to go outside, until one day we saw her hopping out of the corner of the top closet shelf.
Now she goes outside every night.
Do you have sneaky pets?
(Or are yours perfectly behaved, as in, perhaps you don't have any?)

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