Monday, June 23, 2014

Writers for Life

On June 7th, I was fortunate enough to attend the "Writers for Life" conference at the Utah Valley Medical Center, a cancer research fund raiser put together by Cheminant Flitton. (Standing left in the photo below with the This-Is-such-A-Great-Day smile.)
This conference worked because of the marvelous authors who contributed their time to give fabulous presentations. Below, Lisa Mangum is smiling in the green shirt, because she recently returned from Disneyland. (I could still see the impressions of the Mickey Mouse ears in her hair.) There I am, standing in the pink shirt, and sitting at my left is the oh-so-encouraging Jenni James, who has had crazy good success, putting out an incredible 13 books last year!

I was delighted to see my good friend, Jeff Scott Savage!

And beautiful Josi Kilpack was dedicated enough to come even though she was scheduled for wedding pictures for her daughter later in the day! (Her first child married! Congratulations, and welcome to the Mother-in-law Club, Josi!)

I always love to hear from Larry Correia, a master of action writing!

And here's Brandon Sanderson, who had to talk fast and skip some of his slides to get all of his information in. (He's not short. I had thick-soled flip flops on.) 

Cheminant is also in this photo, because, after all, he was the one who started this whole thing, and he was there until the end. Well done, Shem! 

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