Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Oldest House in Manti with 1851 Fireplace

This is purported to be the oldest house built in Manti, Utah. The renovating owner, Nate Christensen, who I interviewed for a newspaper article, said that I was the second person to go through the doorway (where I'm standing) in over 50 years. See the rubble where he unblocked it? (I didn't think of taking a picture until the next day, when Nate had already put a door on the opening. He was the first one through!) Don't look at my legs... I forgot to do a model pose with my feet.

Ah, here's my model pose in front of a fireplace with the date "May 1851" etched into the mantel. Just don't look at my left fist.

I'll bet you looked! Do you see why it's better to get someone to do what you want by telling them what you WANT them to do, rather than what you DON'T want them to do? What if I'd said, "Look at that graceful right arm." Then you wouldn't have even noticed my awkward left fist! You see, there's power in the positive!
What positive thing are you doing today?

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