Monday, June 2, 2014

36 years ago yesterday...

Back in 1978 when casual shots weren't cool, this is the one I loved the best for Bob's and my wedding announcement. (Thank you, friend and co-Snow College student photographer Lyle Erb. I'm sorry to report that Lyle told me his camera never made it back from Paraguay. I appreciate getting this photo before Lyle trotted off to Paraguay.)

Mom said that wasn't the proper kind of picture for an announcement, so we had one taken in dress clothes... and I put them BOTH on the invitation! (I'm kind of stubborn.) Some people thought it was a double wedding for me and one of my sisters! Ha ha! Fun memories. It's been 36 years as of June 1, 1978, and we're still holding hands in church.

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Nature Won't Wait!

One minute messed up my photo!  As I stopped my car at my yard gate on my way to work, I saw a jet trail criss crossing through the moon....