Sunday, June 1, 2014

Buzzards for my Birthday

How can you possibly have a happy birthday preceded by buzzards? I did not make this up - while riding my bike the evening before my birthday, I noticed three buzzards circling in the sky overhead. Because I thought it was funny to see BUZZARDS on the eve of my 56th birthday, I tried to get their picture, but couldn't see through my view finder very well. (I never do when looking up at the you have that same problem?) Anyway, the dot at the bottom of the blue sky picture below is a buzzard. (His friends were obviously camera shy.)

Then, on the morning of my actual birthday, GOOGLE wished me happy birthday in a creepy/cool way. (The little sign on the bottom right says, "Happy Birthday Shirley" but it looks like I cut my name off when I took the picture, so you'll just have to believe me...or not.)

After that, I was at WalMart painting faces to help raise money for Primary Children's Hospital.

Even with Bob coming to help me at the end, we went two hours over my scheduled four hours, and WalMart asked me to come back next week for an encore.

I went home to see that my good friend, Gidget, brought me BIRTHDAY CAKE! Actually, she brought several cute little heart shaped colorful cakes with sprinkles and frosting on the side and smiley stickers and cranberry pills. (Cranberries are healthy, don't you know? In my world, enough cranberry pills lets you eat all the cake you want!) P.S. If you know me very well, you might see a change in my smile in these photos. I now resemble Cindy Lou Who from "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas." At least my mouth surgery saved my front tooth, my upper jaw bone, and possible infection of the brain... (wait, are we sure about that last one?)

Then Bob took me out to eat at a restaurant in Mayfield. (Interesting name, no?) Just as I was finishing up by cramming all the squash slices I had left into my mouth, Bob started laughing. I thought he was laughing at my eating habits until I heard people singing "Happy Birthday" and here came the staff with a piece of heavenly creamy pie with blueberry topping, just for me! (When I finished swallowing my vegetables, I shared some pie with Bob. After all, today is our 36th wedding anniversary!)

So my recommendation for your is to get yourself a birthday balloon on your next birthday (you can see the top of mine in the picture above) tie it to your belt, and go about your day having a very happy and adventurous time! After all, you were born. That's all you need to be terrific. (*snort of laughter!* "Terrific" autocorrected to "terrify" before I changed it!)
Have some fun today!

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