Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Where am I?

Can you guess where I am? When I went outside to go for my morning walk and saw Mandalay Bay down the street from my son's house, I thought it was so pretty, I decided to share it with you. (Now are you ready to see my MORNING MUG?)
Okay, here I am, make-up-less, with my new "Cindy Lou Who" smile from emergency oral surgery that saved my front tooth and upper jaw bone. (NO! I'm not mocking you! This is my new face! And, no, I did not get cheek implants! That is, I don't think I did. Who knows what happens when you're unconscious? Blame the doctor if you must, or just say, "Ooo, Shirley, that's a good look for you!")
By the way, Mandalay Bay looks smaller because my camera makes things look smaller than they really are.
 And THEN, if you walk to the corner south and then the corner east, you get to see the McCarran Airport control tower! (It's the promontory next to my re-glued sunglass frame, the one that doesn't have leaves. THE OTHER TOWERS WITH LEAVES ARE TREES, people! (I think it's so exciting when airplanes take off overhead, going somewhere new and adventurous! I think lots of places are fun and exciting.)

I finally found the secret to why Las Vegas is so dry that my eyes hurt! (I have to sleep with wet cotton balls over my eyes. Really.) This is what I saw on someone's very brown lawn: 

Um... aren't you supposed to let the water OUT of the bottles in order to grow anything?

I've found some interesting street names here, including "Valley Nails," "Sun Shimmer," "Magic Forest," and a series of streets that were Native American names like "Hopi," and "Apache," and then there was a "Betty," followed by "Ute." What?! Was there a "Betty" Indian tribe that I missed somewhere in the history books?
Then I found a section of town with royalty names, like Princess Jean and Count Wutzke. Then I came across Prince Scotty, which I took a picture of for one of my own princely sons. The other sons of mine must have street names here somewhere, I mean, after all, there's also a "Shirley Street," but you've got a picture of the real Shirley above, and that's better than a name on a sign, doncha think?
So what do YOU think of Las Vegas?

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