Monday, January 14, 2013

Trying to be Normal

          Anyone who knows me knows that the less shoe, the better. Here are a couple of my favorite footwear choices:

          That's all the shoe I ever need, except when it's too cold for toes to be outside. Since I live in a place with seasons, (what was I thinking?) I tried being normal and got myself some "real" shoes.
          Aren't they nice? I especially like that they aren't fussy. Slip on, slip off. What could be better? But when I wore them to church,  the right shoe started pinching my foot. Puzzled, I stepped on my left foot to see if I could make that shoe hurt. Nope. Perfectly fine. Why would one shoe of a same-sized pair hurt me while the other one behaved nicely? All I could figure is that either my feet are weird or the shoes are. Maybe my foot was protesting its slow suffocation. For whatever reason, the hardest part came while walking home in a pinchy shoe. OW!
          Fortunately, I was not alone. When my 13-year-old son found out why I was limping, he insisted on trading shoes. Really.
          My shoe was too small for him, so he had to walk tiptoe and sort of smashed down the back, but I didn't care about that traitor shoe. When I saw his awkward gait, I offered to trade back, but he refused. Fearing I might insist, he hurried ahead with wobbly steps in his mis-matched shoes. I didn't chase him down, because I must admit it was bliss to walk without pain, my right foot slipping around in the man's size 13's.
         There's a reason God made flip flops. It's because He loves me.

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