Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Introducing Mikey Brooks, author and illustrator

I haven't met Mikey Brooks personally yet, but I've read some of his posts on the Internet and his books look fun! He's gone the brave, bold, daring route of self publication and illustration. I admire his chutzpah (a Yiddish word meaning the quality of audacity, for good or bad. It's a fun word to say, come on, say it with me:hu̇t-spə!) So I decided to feature the talented Mikey Brooks here today, Now, in his own words, heeeeeere's Mikey!
Mikey Brooks is an author/illustrator with a BS in Creative Writing from Utah State University. Illustration has always been a love of Mikey’s. His art has been seen in many forms from picture books to murals for community art productions. He creates full-room murals and loves to doodle on almost anything. He also manages a bakery where he also is a cake artist and decorator. He author/illustrated Bean’s Dragons, ABC Adventures: Magical Creatures, and Trouble with Bernie. He also illustrated Bongo Flo and Ocelot Scott, both by Carolyn Quist, and Lucius and the Christmas Star, by Jim Long. He’s had poetry and personal essays published in university sponsored literary magazines 2007-2009, and was awarded 3rd place for his personal essay, Waiting for the Morning Sun to Rise, in the Utah Arts 23rd Annual Writing Competition, 2011. He has a wonderful wife and two amazing daughters.
You can find more about Mikey Brooks and his works at:http://www.facebook.com/l/yAQEdfqcqAQFf408nhVg5v9166Tmhcc9P5b6PDMuuxbKltw/www.insidemikeysworld.com. Or on his blog at:http://www.facebook.com/l/pAQHDjFIgAQHaieqJrN74QTcvAeqQYEjhy4OAqrAdQtTajQ/www.writtenbymikey.blogspot.com. You can find Mikey on Good Reads at: http://www.facebook.com/l/cAQEHmPIpAQFSFYT70nX72E2nbWlH-vftTyS265o5h4bihA/www.goodreads.com/InSideMikeysWorld on Twitter: @writtenbymikey on Pinterest at:http://www.facebook.com/l/XAQF497AjAQEEXZFNvYs4G4WnIId-0Ummzujr36rO_vnJoQ/pinterest.com/writtenbymikey/ and on Facebook: as Mikey Brooks, or email him at: insidemikeysworld(at)gmail.com

Bean’s Dragons. 
Have you ever had a dragon in your house? How about a dozen? Bean is a little girl with an imagination that is creating quite a mess. Although Bean loves each of her dragons, she forgets how untidy they can be when having so much fun. When Bean's parents discover what's happened in their short absence, Bean finds herself the blame of the dragons' giant mess.
You can find more about Bean’s Dragons at:http://www.facebook.com/l/uAQGLkqs6AQEn_CL6MEQAq7cmUd2Poc1hycyG6_7KrIEJmQ/www.insidemikeysworld.com/beans-dragons/
ABC Adventures: Magical Creatures.
This is the first installment in a series of ABC adventures featuring Professor Vontriponmybottom, a heroic explorer determined to share with children the alphabet through exciting and fantastical means. In Magical Creatures you will find all sorts of enchanting beings such as: B is for Bigfoot, M is for Mermaid, and O id for Ogre. The professor shares fun facts about each creature he encounters and never shies away from getting a picture with them. This book is sure to educate and entertain young readers and their parents.
You can find more about ABC Adventures: Magical Creatures at:http://www.facebook.com/l/xAQHEG5Z4AQEZ0NykR6PkjEXfJgipUrXwOSTvzsDA6RCGpw/www.insidemikeysworld.com/abc-adventures-magical-creatures/

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