Monday, January 21, 2013

A New Bahlmann Book For Your Reading Pleasure!

I'm excited to announce a new book ready for your reading pleasure! 
It's the first one I've written in a long time! It's available on e-book right now, because I've had the worst time getting it formatted in paper. Yet the paper one is coming by the end of January, so if you like to curl up by a fire and turn actual paper pages, you can! A cool thing about this story is that it's based on true events! READ THE DESCRIPTION BENEATH THE BOOK COVER! 
Charlynn Christensen, Circulation Manager at Snow College Library says, “Hard to put down. Romantic and riveting. One of the best pioneer stories I've read.  Bahlmann has done her research and weaves it seamlessly together with her gift of storytelling.”

Sara's already used up three miracles in her life - one to restore her sight, one to rescue her from an amorous Indian chief, and one to save her from drowning. But the trail hand who pulled her from the river thinks she belongs to him. Are there any miracles left for Sara?
Up next, I'm finishing a story about a nobleman in Medieval times trapped in a tapestry. One of my proofreaders suggested I should write memoirs. Why not? I've got some interesting life stories to share.
If you wrote a memoir, what anecdote you would tell? 

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