Monday, January 7, 2013

The Hare in Me

When Ephraim City offered employees a fitness challenge with a cash prize, I walked and stepped and swam and biked and raked and houseworked toward the month-long goal of walking around Utah with zeal. After moving so much in three weeks that my legs and feet hurt, and learning that my mileage was way ahead of everyone else, I decided to slow down for Thanksgiving week.
Big mistake.
My very own personal trainer son, 13-year-old Michael, urged me to keep going. When I told him I didn't need to, he asked, "But what if someone else is exercising while you're not?" In my best grown-up voice, I assured him that I was so far ahead that no one could catch up to me.
Oh, the smugness of my Hare-like attitude!
After turning in my final mileage, I was astonished to discover that I'd won the contest by a scant 7.88 miles. Now that may sound like a lot to you, but it's not much when considering that my total mileage for four weeks was 522 miles. The tortoise nearly overtook me! That would have felt terrible because I'd slacked off that last week. (I feel like I almost deserved to lose for not keeping up the pace!)
LESSON LEARNED - If you want something badly enough, never give up until the goal is reached. I plan to never slack off again. I will stay true to my determined path of action until my goal is reached or I see fit to change it.
This is not a New Year's goal, as I tend to set goals whenever they're needed. This is a lifestyle change.
What do wish to change about your life?  

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