Monday, July 29, 2019

Party Girl

Before her birthday month is completely over, here are some snapshots of Carolyn's birthday bash.
 She's had 53 years to get this celebration thing down.
 She made the most of seeing her family, including oldest sister, Melinda (also Biddee or Auntie M.)
She even had great nieces and nephews there to celebrate! (That makes her a great aunt!)
 Big brother DellRay got (and gave) a hug.
 Bob was there, too.
 All but two siblings were there to party hearty! (Back row: DellRay, Shirley, Gregory. Front row: Rebecca, Melinda, and brother in law Paul. Middle: CAROLYN!
 Nephew Brian and his wife Aspen were happy to have made it to the party.
 One of Carolyn's special friends, Jill, loved every hug she could get.
 Oh, yeah, and there were even a few presents.
 Brother Greg, sister-in-law Judi, and niece Alana converged in a group hug!
 Sisters Penny and Deanna came to kick up their heels...or keep them on the floor. (Their choice!)
Nephew Hayden gave Carolyn celebration birthday flowers. You won the race to age 53, Carolyn. Now you're in the race for the age 54 finish line. We look forward to seeing how you make age 54 rock and roll!

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