Monday, August 5, 2019

I'm supposed to PAY for that?!

I've seen distressed clothing before, and pondered the appeal in an effort to understand it, but still can't figure out how the style persists. I could get it if the clothing is something a person has worn and loved for years, a piece that's accompanied a person through thick and thin, almost taking on the sentient quality of a friend. (I actually know someone who is loathe to give up on his/her old, softened-from-multiple-washings-and-wearings underwear until it just won't stay together on his/her body anymore.)
But if it's a NEW worn out piece of clothing, a complete stranger, to one's body, why would someone want to welcome it to their wardrobe?
If I'm expected to pay for it, I prefer to get my money's worth in buying something that will last beyond tomorrow. If it's got scars, I want to appreciate how they were earned.
Are you a lover of distressed clothing? Do you like your own worn out duds, or do you like to buy soft, old things? Or would you rather put your money down on clothes that look new? 

Old Cannons