Monday, July 8, 2019

Reluctant Carolyn Ends Up Having Fun!

Carolyn and I got to go on our first cruise last fall! 
(THANKS Jeff and Jamie and family, and Brian and Aspen!)
Since Carolyn has a birthday coming up, and since she LOVES her birthdays and LOVES to have fun, here's a picture from one of her adventure times, even though at first she didn't think it would be any fun.
When we first climbed the ladder up, up, up to the platform, she said she didn't want to go. But thanks to holding hands with my daughter-in-law, Aspen, as they flew along on parallel zip lines, Carolyn decided it was a thrilling adventure after all!
(Brave Brian and Awesome Aspen)
Here's to many more adventures, Carolyn!
How about you? Would you go on a zip line?
Or would you rather watch someone else ride one?

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