Monday, July 1, 2019

The End of the Mormon Miracle Pageant

I wasn't in the very first Mormon Miracle Pageant in 1967, but I came on the scene in 1970 when my family moved from Haddon Heights, New Jersey to Manti, Utah.
Now it's 2019 and the pageant is over.
Bob gave Carolyn and me a good-bye Pageant squeeze!
 My arms weren't quite long enough to get a very wide-framed picture of me, Andy, and Bob with Pageant props in the background. (What ARE they going to do with all those fake rocks, I wonder?)
Andy made a pretty good security guy before he played the role of the Savior in his home-grown beard.
Once we found seats, we saved them with a sign our son wrote that says: "RESERVED FOR JOSEPH SMITH'S GRANDPARENTS. Seriously, their son's son is playing mature Joseph tonight and they'd appreciate it if you let them sit here to watch. Thanks."

 We even got pictures with some of the cast members! 
(Our grandchildren, and nephew, Jonathan, who's not a cast member this year, but was in years past.) 
 Bob helped Carolyn stand on a chair so she could see how many people were in the audience.
 Our sister Rebecca was there, too!
 I took a picture for the family album of Andy in costume "descending" to the people in the Americas.
 It was a good run, Mormon Miracle Pageant!
I know some people are sad the pageant is over, but, hey, even the dinosaurs didn't live forever.
I used to miss old things much more than I do now that I've learned that things change. It's much more rewarding to look forward to what's next instead of getting a neck ache twisting around to stare back at the past.
Do you like change?
Or do you prefer things to stay the same?

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