Monday, January 30, 2017

Wow! What a difference a floor makes!  My dear husband, Bob, worked so hard putting a new floor in our new/old house that he actually got a blister on his knee. I appreciate him so much! (In case you can't tell, the new floor is the wood laminate one.) For some reason, I find that I feel compelled to go into the bathroom more than I used to! ;o)

And I love the new wood laminate floor that goes through the whole house! It's so much better than the brittle old cracked linoleum, and we even had our first water disaster the morning after we finished installing it. (Our washing machine made a waterfall.) But the floor came out of the flood looking perfectly fine!

Bob also put in the fireplace which acts as our furnace. Before that, we only had a wood stove, fueled solely by wood that actually needed to be chopped. It's nice to have that as an option, but it wasn't ideal as the sole heat source. 
Would you like to chop wood to stay warm, or trot out to a real wood outhouse?
Or do you like "fake" gas fireplaces and indoor privys that just look rustic?

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