Monday, January 23, 2017

Snow Angel

After a big snowfall, the snow plow came along our street while I was at work, clearing the road but pushing up a ridge of snow across my driveway in the process. I barely got through with my low-slung Ford Focus, and actually got kind of stuck beside my house, but rocked the car, turned the wheels, and managed to get unstuck after kicking up way too much gravel. 
When I had to leave the next day, I prepared to get a run on it to make it over the ridge by opening my gate first so I wouldn't have to stop in the snow. That's when I noticed that a snow angel had cleared the snow pile away from my gate.
(My dog wishes they'd knocked the gate down while they were at it.)

I don't know who it was, or why they chose me, because for some reason my neighbor across the street didn't get a snow angel visit.

Thank you, snow angel.

Are you a good snow driver?
Or do you do best on clear pavement only?

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