Monday, January 16, 2017

Towel Tales

I have learned since saying "yes" to Bob, in the most ridiculous way, ("Um, uh, oh, um, well, I don't see why not!" to which he replied, "What kind of answer is THAT?"... It's the  kind of answer one gives when one thinks the other person is going to say we shouldn't see each other any more, and instead he proposes) that marriage takes compromise.

Now, before asking my question, I'm posting sort-of the color of towels Bob chose for himself: (the picture does not do them justice. He was looking for navy blue, but couldn't find it, so settled on black. I must have had my flash turned up too high.)
And the towels I chose for myself:

So now to my question - How do you compromise to find shared bathroom/guest towels from THESE disparate tastes?

Well, Bob came up with a solution: Caucasian colored towels.

I mean, how can we argue against our own skin color?
What color of towels would you put in your bathroom? 

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