Monday, October 7, 2013

Swinging Along

I already recovered the swing once, but it didn't last.
So I tried again with webbing straps instead of plasticized fabric.
 The problem was, I didn't have enough webbing. So it was back to ebay, wait a few days, and...
 voila! A lovely swing to sit on in the shade. (I need even more webbing to weave the overhead shade, but if there's a tree above, then why bother?)
I don't know if you can see it, but I didn't cut individual strips and fasten each end. I looped the straps over the bar and then ran them back the opposite way, then looped and turned, looped and turned. It took less time, well, not considering all the attempts I made, but it didn't take as long as fastening all the ends. Still, when a little boy who lives around the block sat on it and his bum fell through to touch the ground (he liked it that way) I realized I still had to stitch each end so the straps wouldn't slide around and separate.
Have you already discovered that figuring things out can be oh, so frustrating, and ever so much fun?

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