Monday, October 14, 2013

Salad Rolls To Go!

     Once upon a time, I took some food on a trip with me. Along with the standard carrots and celery, I took peppers. Not the mini ones, the regular size. I offered my sister, who was traveling with me, some of my food. She picked up a pepper, turned it over, and said, "It's not cut."
     "You cut it with your teeth," I said. "Just bite it like an apple." I raised my own pepper to my mouth and took a bite.
     My sister shook her head in wonder. "I was going to bring vegetables on this trip, but I didn't have time to cut them up. I never thought of bringing the whole thing."
     I couldn't help but wonder if other people struggle with portable vegetables, so I decided to share my salad roll-to-go technique.
FIRST you start with lovely, nutritious lettuce leaves.
I've really only tried this with broad leaf lettuce. (You could try iceberg lettuce if you want to, but I don't guarantee the results.)
Then choose a large leaf and put a stripe of your favorite salad dressing down the center.
I recommend blue cheese, the best kind of salad dressing ever made, although my husband can't seem to appreciate it. 
Add more leaves. Stack a couple of them beneath the dressed up lettuce, and stack some more on top.
These are fanned out just so you can see the lettuce dressing beneath. Stack them in opposite directions, with the leaf tops up and down and up and down. It rolls better that way.
Now roll your lettuce leaves into a tube.
It's a good idea to tuck a leaf on the bottom up to hold in any dressing that might drip. Creamy dressing is easier to contain than something like a vinaigrette.
This is how it looks when you bite it. YUMMY!
I always like more lettuce than dressing. So refreshing!  You can even wrap it in a paper towel, like a burrito. Just be careful not to eat the paper. You can even roll up other salad ingredients in with the dressing, such as strips of pepper, avocado, carrots, grapes, sunflower seeds, anything your heart and tummy desire. Enjoy your salad to go!

What do you like to eat while driving?

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