Monday, October 21, 2013

Green and Orange Guys on the Street

When I saw these green and orange guys on the side of the street in Logan, Utah, I had to turn around and go back for a picture.
Then I had to join in the fun!
They were advertising a place called... I think it was "Twizle Berry" or something... where you can build your own cold ice cream treat with enough toppings to scare a mad hatter, and then you pay for it by weight. (By the way, that's my sister Rebecca popping up behind the sign. When she's with me, she lets her playful side out to have fun, too!)
While we were posing, Brent the Bike Guy rode past. Rebecca called him over and told me that he rides his bicycle all over Cache Valley (that's where the city of Logan is.) 
Rebecca said that some bullies took exception to Brent's innocent habit of waving at everyone, a practice that his child-like mind uses as a gesture of friendship to all. For some reason I can't fathom, the bullies beat Brent and broke his bicycle. In response to the attack, the community rallied and got him a new bike. Now the citizens of Cache Valley collectively watch over Brent the Bike Guy. 
Brent was nice enough to take part in a photo op for us, and he never stopped smiling and waving. It was a privilege to meet such an innocent and inspirational human being.
Who have you met who's made an impression on you? 


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