Monday, August 6, 2012

Mystery Fruit

One of my FAVORITE summer foods is WATERMELON! (I've never gotten tired of eating watermelon... or pizza, for that matter.) The only trouble with watermelon is that you're never sure what lies beneath that promising green skin. It could be sweet sustenance, or it could be grainy over-ripe innards or not-quite-sweet pale pink disappointment. (I eat it anyway... it's wet and it's watermelon. That's enough for me.) When my son brought home this monster, I had my doubts. (It weighed more than the grocery store scale could measure!) Yet when it was sliced open, it was red and sweet and so good I ate my standard half a watermelon a day. (1/4 of a watermelon is my regular serving size.)
It's kind of like that with books. You see a good looking cover with the promise of a great story, but the truth lies in slicing those pages open with your fingers and seeing what lies inside.
I hope your next book is as GOOD as my last WATERMELON!
What is fun for you to eat? (Or write... the desire for both is the same intensity!)

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