Wednesday, August 22, 2012

HEADS UP! Book Bomb Coming August 29th!

The BRAND NEW novel "Faith, Hope and Gravity," by Merrill Osmond and Shirley Bahlmann, offers several FUN freebies, including a music video with an original song written by Merrill specifically for this book. It's available to everyone who gets their copy on AUGUST 29 (that's one week from today!)

          “Faith, Hope and Gravity” is the spiritual, magical adventure of teenage Liam Kane as he discovers some of the same lessons Merrill Osmond learned as the world-traveling lead singer of the Osmond Brothers. 
          Like Merrill, Liam is often misunderstood as he helps those seeking for purpose in their extraordinary talents. Liam’s visionary abilities gain him international notoriety as “The Prophecy Boy” who swims with dolphins, dreams of a mysterious red door, and champions those who are often misjudged for their uncommon gifts. 
          Surviving kidnapping, near-drowning, and imprisonment leads to the discovery that despite differences, when people respect each other and their wide variety of abilities, the thread of commonality that runs through mankind grows ever stronger.

Next week I'll post links to "Faith, Hope and Gravity" so you can get your very own copy of Merrill Osmond's first novel and enjoy a shower of FREE GIFTS besides! (Yay!)


Jewel's Gems said...

How exciting, Shirley! I look forward to reading it. I'll even do a review:-)

Shirley Bahlmann said...

Thanks, Jewel. I'd love your review. Have you let Rachelle Christensen know? She's putting that together and has a schedule for it.

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