Monday, January 28, 2019

Snakes Alive! (If you're scared of snakes, don't look!)

Maybe it's because we're daughters of a veterinarian,
but when Carolyn and I had a chance to hold some snakes, we did!
 They were pythons, which I'd hate to meet in the wild, but it was actually fun to hold them with the professional snake handler/owner standing two feet away. He told us to let the snake slide through our hands and keep picking up the body behind the head, rather than trying to hold onto it and make it stay still.
 I talked to a neighbor once who told me a horror story of finding a critter in her house. I thought she was going to say she found a mouse, but she said "snake," then looked at me with a horrified expression. 
I didn't return the look. I think snakes feel awesome when they shimmy through my hands.
Carolyn didn't seem to mind getting up close and personal with the snakes, either.
We like having adventures!
Do you take offense to any particular animal? 
If so, which one?

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