Monday, January 14, 2019

Eating in the Car

My husband doesn't like to eat in the car. He's concerned about being distracted for even a second while traveling at high rates of speed. 
I must concede that he has a valid point. All I can do is wonder how he ever gets everything DONE? 
(Oh...organization? What's that?)
One time while riding with my sister, I pulled out a bell pepper and took a bite like it was an apple.  Startled, she asked, "You don't cut those up?"
"No," I replied, "takes too much time. It's easier just to bite into it."
"Wow," she said. "I always bought those little peppers in the bag to eat in the car, because I didn't have time to cut up a big one."
"Well," I said, "now you don't have to." I held the pepper out to her. "You wanna bite?"
She tried it...she liked it!
When my littlest sis Carolyn saw me biting a pepper in the car, she thought it was so funny that she took a picture.
Do you eat in the car?
What do you eat?

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