Monday, November 12, 2018

Welcome Sign!

Some people live in the same neighborhood all their lives. 
Other people move around a lot.
How would you feel if you drove into a neighborhood and saw this sign? 
We're one of the ones who have lived in many different neighborhoods in the 40 years we've been married. (I just counted again, and it looks like we've moved 14 times since we've been Mr. and Mrs. Bahlmann.) 

We've liked ALL of our neighborhoods. (Only one started out idyllic, but unexpected circumstances turned it sour, so we moved to another terrific neighborhood.)
Now we're so glad we live in another great neighborhood that welcomes people with a bright, cheerful sign!
Do you like your neighborhood? Is it the favorite one you've lived in? 
If you've spent time in more than one, which one have you liked best?

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