Monday, November 26, 2018

Not Enough Parking Lot

Have you ever had someone ding your vehicle door when they randomly fling their car door open as wide and as fast as they can while you're in the store and your innocent vehicle was just sitting quietly in the parking lot, minding its own business? 
That's happened to me more than enough times, so I don't mind parking out in the South Forty with NO CARS beside me. I would rather walk than gave my car door dented in.
So why, when there were open parking lot slots ALL AROUND my little candy blue Ford, did a big ol' honkin' truck decide to park RIGHT BEHIND ME?!

Not that he could ding my doors from behind, but what if I wanted to put something in the back of my car? Would he mind if I butted up against his grill and got bug guts all over my backside?
It might save him a carwash.

Maybe the truck driver has abandonment issues, and didn't want to park all alone in the many, many empty spaces available around my car.
Maybe it just wished it could be a candy blue Ford Focus.
 Where do you like to park? Close up and personal? Or way out yonder?

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