Monday, May 8, 2017

Silly Anderson Children with Blue Eyes!

Oh my gosh! Did someone say, "Make a silly pose?"
 I'm sure they didn't say it again... did they? The six Dell B Anderson children who got together in April just didn't want to stop having fun... 
 (Look out! We have more fun with all of us, if you can believe it, with Shirley on the left -that's me!- then Gregory, Melinda, DellRay, Rebecca, and Carolyn. Beverly and Loraine weren't there. We missed them!)

AND, since Melinda's never been in a blue-eyed Anderson kid line-up, we HAD to take another one of those! (Not only do we share a strong family resemblance, but all eight of us Anderson children have blue eyes of varying shades. Maybe we're secretly mer-kids, with water-colored eyes.)
What color are your beautiful eyes?

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