Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lots of Shirley's!

Today is my birthday! Happy to me!
Here I am through the ages, starting with first grade in the upper left hand corner. (Awwww!)
Then view the model quality images left to right until you reach my 5th grade picture on the far left of the middle row. I distinctly remember being proud of my beautiful hair that day because I styled it myself. When I tied that bow around my head, I just knew I was worthy of inclusion in a Disney princess lineup.
On to the 8th grade picture on the far right, middle row.
After that, MY 9th GRADE PICTURE WITH THE BLUE EYESHADOW IS MISSING! (Did I sluff that year? Probably.)
The next item to note is that the short hair picture in the red shirt (Junior year), and the long hair picture in the white vest and blue collar (
Sophomore year), are reversed. 
I really don't know how to pull hair out of my head to make it grow that fast in one year. 
You might also note that with short hair cut so closely to my round face, I resemble a bowling ball with a neck.
Then we have the GRAND FINALE Senior picture in blue feathers. BLUE FEATHERS, PEOPLE!
I had arrived at adulthood and they put me in blue feathers.
Yeah, employers are going to take THAT seriously on a resume.
"I know how to smile in a blue feather shawl without sneezing."
Do you remember your Senior pictures?
Was it a good day?

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