Monday, May 1, 2017

Cousin Bryce from Fargo!

I was at a family gathering last weekend... (or was it the weekend before...?) Well, it wasn't too long ago, not as long ago as when I last saw my cousin, Bryce, who currently lives on the windy, cold plains of Fargo, North Dakota!
Bryce himself told me that he wondered how humans even thought of settling in Fargo in the first place. "How is it even a place?" he asked me.
I didn't know.
 (See his beard? It's a survival thing. I suppose that his wife has to wear a ski mask made of polar bear fur in order to make it through the winter without losing her nose to frostbite.)
I am a child of the oldest sibling, who is 20 years older than Bryce's dad in the family lineup, so our ages are pretty far apart, but our reunion was quite welcome, with good conversation, warm hugs, and comforting food.
Here is Bryce's dad (my uncle's) artistic plate.
(When I tried to get a picture of my uncle, perhaps with strings of spaghetti trailing down his chin, all I got was a talk-to-the-hand gesture!)
Do you have any seldom-seen family members? (Perhaps ones that you really don't want to go muck-lucking through snow up to your eyebrows to visit, so you wait for them to come to you?)
Who are they?
 Where do they live?
(On a tropical island, perchance, drinking coconut milk and ready with an extra large beach towel for your visit?)

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