Monday, June 13, 2016

Beauty and the Beast Workplace Where A Stress Ball is Watching You!

Every day, I feel like Belle of "Beauty and the Beast," because this is where I work now!

 Of course, if you have a Beauty, you've got to have a Beast, too.

When I started my new job this summer at CaptionCall, we trained in separate partitioned work stations with "walls" that were only about five feet high, and a no-door opening. Each station had a stress ball in it. The other three people who trained with me, all young men, had stress balls, too. But mine had blue rubber fur and an eyeball. 
Yeah, it was watching me.
Do you like stress balls? (Do they like you?) What do you do when you're feeling unsettled? Do you like to squeeze something? Are you a foot-tapper? Do you play with your hair, or hum some random tune?
What is your best stress reliever?

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