Monday, June 20, 2016

2016 Mormon Miracle Pageant Pictures!

When we (Bob and I) went to the Mormon Miracle Pageant on Thursday, June 16, we got to see our son, Andy, who is sharing the role of playing the part of the Savior with another actor. 
He grew his own beard, but he had to borrow some long hair to fulfill the role.
I love that guy! 
(Both my son and the the Savior, who he portrays.)
When I saw him talking to the children around him on the hill, I asked what he was talking to them about. He replied that he was telling them how much Jesus loves them.

I also got to see two of my cousins, sisters Cathy (on my right, your left, holding the pictures of Jesus) and Dawn (on my left, your right. The lady in the bun walking past may be a distant relative, but we haven't traced our family tree back to Adam yet to identify her!) 
Cathy and Dawn used to be Anderson's like me, because our fathers were brothers.
It was so fun to see them and hug them!
Do you have cousins? (I think I have 45 firsts!) 
How many do you have?
Do like to see them?
When was the last time you did?
(I saw some from the other side two days later, but it was at a wedding reception where asking them to stop and take a picture might have made the wedding photographers feel redundant!)

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