Monday, June 6, 2016

'76 Class Reunion!

Pardon me while I reminisce this week. We had a Manti High School Class of 1976 reunion Memorial Day Weekend! (Don't we look good?) We certainly do! 
In case you don't recognize me, I'm the one with the saxophone.

Cheerleader Stacey Rasmussen Heaton leads the school song while Sterling Scholar musician RaeAnn Rasmussen Tibbs accompanies.

 Too many to name in this fun-loving afternoon reunion group for the time I have to type! (Thanks to my husband, Bob, for taking the picture.)
Paul Braithwaite does a parody of his late father, Manti High School Coach Wilbur Braithwaite.

The classy evening group! (Thanks again, Bob!)

Linda Floyd Pratt plays the piano part of a Carpenter's "A Song For You" duet with Shirley Anderson Bahlmann on saxophone.

John Erickson gives a talk about his father, MHS history teacher Clair "Bud" Erickson who recently passed away.

Denna Richardson Barton (who is younger, but married classmate Kent Barton) piano accompanies her brother, George Richardson, while he plays "Edelweiss" on the saw!

Shirley's putting her saxophone together and bantering with classmates while Linda looks on... (these pictures are not in alphabetical order! Who's the boss of this blog?)

Reunion President Fred Johnson makes a point.

Another picture of George Richardson and his saw. (We must like music!)
So at your class reunion, do you think you'd recognize all your classmates? Do you think you would need a name tag? 

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