Thursday, May 16, 2013

WRITE FASTER! Fr*ee for a limited time!

WOW! PhD Dene Low is offering her book for FR*EE for a few days! (CLICK HERE)
Here's what she says about it:
 It is the system I used to write 32,000 words in just 6 days a few months ago. My writing system is a compilation of my studies of writing and neuroscience over the last thirty years. It can help you be more creative, productive, effective, and efficient. It can break writers block and facilitate revision. I'm using it to teach my university class right now. I did the research and testing so you can just use it and enjoy. Right now the book is free (right here!) for Prime members to borrow and starting Thursday, it should be free for download for a few days. After that it will be $3.99.

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