Monday, April 22, 2013

Original Paint Job

I wasn't fast enough to snap a picture of the cartoon car with so much luggage straining against the ropes trying to hold it on the roof that it looked like it would turn over at a breath, but I did manage to capture this most original paint job on a car driving down the road. (I have to wonder if this car is the designated nursery carpool car? Or maybe the nursery school kids painted it themselves.)
Whatever it's purpose, it made me a smile. That's good enough.
Another good feature is that it would be hard to lose in a parking lot. None of this click-the-unlock-clicker-and-see-which-headlights-flash business.
Putting quirky things in your stories can help create touch points for readers to remember. This helps them keep the storyline firmly in their minds. That's good. If readers remember your storyline, then they can tell everyone about your book. And that's very good.
What kind of unusual things have you seen lately? 

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