Monday, April 29, 2013

Blue Boy

Feeling blue?

My son Monkey went on a youth activity two days ago. When he came home, he was so blue that you couldn't even see through the bathwater!
He went to a race where he and other bystanders threw food-colored cornstarch on the racers as they ran past.
(It looks like they missed.)

I think I'd rather swim across a vat of chocolate pudding, but that's just me.
In writing, make sure your characters have a variety of hobbies they like to do, even if they aren't hobbies you would choose. It would be a good idea to go out and try doing the hobby you gave your character. It could be fun!
For example, when I had a required geology/astronomy college class, I left it for last. (I'm the type of person who eats dessert first.) TO MY SURPRISE, I actually liked studying rocks and identifying constellations! I relished a wonderful sense of accomplishment while identifying and labeling rock specimens spread out on a table for my final test. I recognized igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary, and I also knew how they were made. I could tell the difference!
So give it a try. Do something new. Who knows? Maybe you'll like being blue!

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