Monday, February 10, 2020

The Love Bug

Seeing this car rolling down the highway made me smile because it brought back fond memories of going to the theater as a kid when "The Love Bug" movie was released. We Anderson kids walked to the theater, carrying our big brown paper Acme Market grocery bag full of homemade popcorn (yes, they let us bring our own movie snacks back in the day.) 
The Love Bug was a magical movie that made me believe in the goodness of cars and infinite faithfulness to their owners. 
It may have even inspired my father to get a VW bug (ours was red) to take his family of 8 children to church.
Yes, 8 children plus two parents makes TEN PEOPLE IN A VW BUG!
I was often relegated to the space behind the back seat and in front of the back window where I folded myself up beside one other medium to small sibling. Then three other larger siblings would sit across the back seat with another two sitting on their laps. With Dad in the driver's seat and Mom in the passenger seat holding the baby (no such thing as baby seats in the 60's, and seat belts were optional, if the car even had them) we were off to church.
Fortunately, it was only about a mile away, and once Mom and Dad exited and folded down their seats, we were able to pop out of the car on either side in short order.
Love Is Togetherness.
(At least I hope people who have to be close together love one another!)
Would you be game for riding in a crowded VW Beetle (Bug)?
Or are you more of a the-only-one-in-a-Chevy Suburban kind of person?
(Whatever you do, I hope you love doing it, ESPECIALLY today!)

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