Monday, September 9, 2019

I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing!

Oranges - many parts are edible!
I've heard of the nutritional benefits of the white lining inside the orange rind. I've also heard of candied orange peel. (Did these people run out of candy bars, or what?)
So a year or two ago, I tried it. I didn't know where to buy any candied orange peel (click for recipe!), (I think it was invented in Tuvalu), so I peeled my own orange, then cut it into strips.
I had to boil them twice in plain water (drain, rinse, repeat...hey, just like washing your hair!) Then I boiled them in sugar water...I mean stevia water. (Sugar makes my fingers hurt.)
 Then I dipped them in dark chocolate, dahling. (The benefits are amahzing.
 Would you eat something that looked like muddy squid tentacles? Do you like trying new food, or are you happy with your tried and true favorites? 
What would you like to eat that you haven't tried yet? 

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