Monday, September 30, 2019

Carolyn Gets Back To Where She Started From!

Carolyn was thrilled to return to New Jersey, where she was born. The look on her face when she caught sight of the Atlantic Ocean by Sea Isle City, New Jersey, was priceless!
She could hardly wait to get in the water.
She said she wanted to buy a house and live there.
She simply loved the ocean, which was pleasantly warm.
We were so in tune with the ocean scene that we even matched the beach umbrellas!
Carolyn found some beautiful pebbles and shells to keep, and was in awe when she spied a seagull.
We three sisters (Rebecca McGarry, Shirley Bahlmann, and Carolyn Anderson) all loved getting our feet wet, but there was nothing to eat there...well, nothing that we wanted to eat.
So we went to Mike's Fish Market.
Hey, we were there on free mussel could we say no to THAT?
Carolyn looks like she wasn't thrilled about the free mussels...she only ate one. (Maybe that's why.)
Carolyn enjoyed her chicken. (Yes, it counts as sea food. You must have heard of "chicken of the sea!")
We had the BEST table in the whole place, with water on two sides of our table. We were practically floating!
Even the bathrooms were amusing...if you didn't pay attention to the hurricane warning.
Carolyn also enjoyed a big, soft pretzel.
She was also certain that because she was born in New Jersey, everyone there knew who she was, no introduction necessary!
(She made lots of new friends.)
Have you been to New Jersey?
Have you been to the ocean?
(Do you WANT to go to either place?)

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