Monday, May 6, 2019

Look and Find Car

This car looked like one of those picture books where the reader is challenged to find small objects amidst a jumble of items.
 Can you see a giraffe in the photo below?
 Ahhh! Swamp Man alert!
 Where are the dolphins breaking through the wood surf?
 Can you see the sunny yellow butterfly?
 Where's the horse's patootie?
 There's a zebra in there somewhere!
 Yes, there's an ostrich there (from might look like a dinosaur!)
 Do you see the octopus-eating alligator?
 A train wreck!
 Rhino climbing alert!
 Apparently pink flamingos don't only stand one-legged on lawns, but on car roofs, too.
 Mad black cat!
 What else can you find?
I don't think the owners have much trouble finding their car in a parking lot.
I wonder how they fastened everything on to not blow away?

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