Monday, February 25, 2019

I Can Park a Car!

I had to park my car overnight by the car repair shop. I tucked it into a corner, because I don't like parking in between cars. I've had my doors dinged by careless car-getter-inners before.
I actually backed up and went forward a couple of times to make sure my car was straight and settled in for the night.
It wasn't until I went back to retrieve my car the next morning that I saw my poor tire had been barely balanced on the curb all night long!
It's a good thing I'd bought my tires, with a guarantee, at that very establishment.
I didn't need to make a replace-a-tire claim, however, because I managed to drive away just fine.
Are you good at parking? Turning? Backing up? Parallel parking? What's your best driving ability?

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