Monday, October 15, 2018

St. George Marathon Madness

Carolyn and me at the beginning of the 
(Yes, it's early. Around 6:00 in the morning!)
If you've never been at the starting line of the St. George Marathon, which happens to be on the highway that runs through Central, Utah (the TOWN Central, population approximately 800, not the generalized middle-of-the-state location) then you may not realize the scope of the event. There are SO MANY people there, (3,999 runners finished the race) with bonfires, music, snacks, and lights. 
Before the race kicked off with wheelchair contestants, Carolyn made people smile with her dance moves. 
(Carolyn's in the purple coat with her hood up, not dancing, because the music stopped for the National Anthem, and didn't start up again.)
She had lots of fun offering high five's to runners!
(Bob apparently had lots of fun watching from the background.)
Carolyn even got a high five from Dave Parrish, who was mayor of Ephraim, Utah when we lived there!
Bob and I counted portapotties, not only at the start of the race, but also along the highway. There were 219 at the gathering place, and 120 spread along the 28 mile route, equaling 339!
That's probably more than all the houses in Central.
Do you like going to events or celebrations in person?
Or would you rather watch them on TV or the computer?

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