Monday, October 22, 2018

Cruisin' to Ensenada

Once upon a time I wanted to go to Hawaii, but thought I'd never make it, so I bought the Magnum PI TV series DVD's instead. But then... guess what? I went to Hawaii!
I've also wanted to go on a cruise for years, but due to current life circumstances, I thought I'd never make it. Guess what? I went to Ensenada on a cruise ship a week ago! (My first time ever in Mexico! Ole!)
I went with my sister Carolyn and my sons Jeff and Brian and their families.
Carolyn loved the room service cheesecake!
We got a window dining table.
 They made the fruit platter look like a colorful little ship.
 Carolyn said one of her favorite parts was the food!
 La Bufadora blowhole at the edge of the ocean in Ensenada.
 I got my finger in the picture.
 Carolyn was scared to try zip-lining on the Canopy Tour, until she actually zip-lined! (Thanks to daughter-in-law Aspen for helping Carolyn along.) 
 Lunch seemed expensive, until you converted pesos to dollars. (Why they use a dollar sign for pesos, I never found out.)
 When you forget to pack a flower for your hair, you can improvise with colored curly plastic mosquito bands from your nephew's Texas wedding that you never cleaned out of your purse.
 Each night at dinner, a song played and we danced with the waiters. (It helped shake the food down so you could eat more!)
 Carolyn loved the towel animals left in our room. She even kissed a frog. (Hey, it couldn't hurt!)
 Customs made me take my hat off before they let me back on the ship. It must be a pretty good disguise if they didn't recognize me!
 Carolyn loves "pineapple" trees!
 Catalina Island golf cart rides are the best!
 Brian and Aspen using mad golf cart skills to maneuver the narrow streets of Catalina Island.
 Ocean Girls.
 Carolyn said she wanted to live in the cruise ship because it felt like home.
 Jeff was part of a cruise ship game show, but lost the grand prize to the little guy he's shaking hands with onstage.
 En route to the ocean at Yermo, California, we spied a GIANT ice cream confection that let us know WE'D ARRIVED at the "Eddie World" candy store, where you can find delectable treats such as Dog Drool Soda and gummy candy coated with hot pepper sprinkles.
Have you been on a cruise? How was it?
If not, would you like to go cruising? Where?

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