Monday, June 11, 2018

Dressing up the dog.

Recently, we were lucky enough to watch our granddaughter at our house.
A movie only worked for so long, as did my box of moon sand and a frozen pineapple smoothie. She moved on to some of my fabric scraps and created some dress-up clothes for herself. But when I opened the gate in anticipation of her parents' arrival, and brought the dog in so she wouldn't escape through the open gate, our granddaughter had a new idea.
Dress up the dog!
I can't say whether Bibs was so compliant because that's her personality, or if it's because she's so old. (She's 13 or 14. I forget.)
 (NOW who's so old?!)
After awhile, Bibs did her please-let-me-out pose, but she didn't get her wish until Mom and Dad arrived. 
Are you the kind of kid who tied a baby bonnet on your pet's head before wheeling it around in a baby carriage?

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