Monday, May 7, 2018

Dogs and Cats

When we took our dog, Bibs, for a walk, we were stopped at our neighbor's house by a friendly cat.
(See the little kitty legs just under Bibs' chest? My little sister, Carolyn, who has Down syndrome, acted as our camera girl.
Bibs was lots bigger than the cat...
...who seemed fearless, even though she fit beneath Bibs' belly!
Who says we can't be friends, just because we're not the same?
Carolyn's favorite cat is our son's gray one, Moroni, because she doesn't bite or scratch.
Moroni loves to climb to the highest places she can find. (Bob's shoulders qualify.)
Our white cat, Sage, is not on Carolyn's Good List, because she bit Carolyn.
Since then, the white cat is working on becoming the master of disguise, yet she's better at hiding the identity of others.
What was/is your best pet? 
What did/do you like about him/her?

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