Monday, July 3, 2017

Shiny Thrift Store Lady

Tripped by technology.
Even though I got this illustration turned right-side-up in "Photo Viewer," it didn't translate to downloading on the page. That being the case, go ahead, stretch out with your head comfortably propped on your hand, and imagine this as a realistic photo (which I forgot to ask the subject if I could take) rather than a creative (if I do say so myself) animated rendition.

 It was while browsing at a local thrift store that I was captivated by a mature lady dressed in classy clothing complete with sparkles, especially concentrated on her hat, collar, and bodice.
The sparkles came mainly from crystally jewelry, which she said she'd affixed to the fabric herself. Rather than looking overwhelming, the shine actually complimented the woman's life journey lines (translate: wrinkles.)
Yet the smile on her face and her accessory glow really did appear to make the skin lines irrelevant. Instead, her appearance created a feeling of joy and infinite possibilities, perhaps in part because she admitted to creating her outfit from the very thrift store in which we stood.
So how about you? Do you like sparkles? How about for wearing?
Or are you more of a keep-the-sparkles-to-the 4th of July type of person?

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